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Adrenaline Flights & Scenic Flights, customised from mild to WILD!

Jetfighter offers a choice of unique adrenaline flight & scenic flight missions varying in content and flight time. Choose one of our exciting high speed jet missions including aerobatic fighter etc. All you need to do is decide who gets to be “Maverick” and who gets to be “Iceman”.

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Flights are offered out of Lismore for flight shows only. Check with us for the next available weekend.


Some flights may include footage of your flight or can be purchased separately

These missions are designed as a guide. We aim to personalise all flights to meet your expectations of this once in a lifetime experience -for the ultimate adrenaline flight or a scenic flight over pristine coastlines. Missions are all tailored to the individual – from mild to WILD!

For a Jetfighter experience of a lifetime, call us today!

Jetfighter commenced operations since 1996 under the guidance of Captain Rodney Hall.
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