CORPORATE PACKAGES: Custom Adventure Flights

Our facilities are second to none with a large modern hangar ideal for that special function. We have the capacity to conduct up to 24 JetFighter Adventure Flights per day.

We cater for all your needs: Airfares, Transport, Accommodation, Catering, other attractions and offer the best, most cost effective and safest Adventure Jet Flight in Australia.


Customised for you…

Customised flights from mild to WILD! Perfect for larger groups or corporate events. Tailored adventures are available in multiple locations.

Your mission commences with a mission and safety brief before being fitted with a flight suit and jet helmet. A feature of this brief includes an explanation of fighter tactics and manoeuvres that you will perform during the fighter combat experience in this mission.

Once securely strapped into your fighter jet, we taxi out and line-up on the runway for a great adventure. Final take-off brief and then the power comes on, you accelerate to 400km/h by the end of the runway and climb to 10,000 feet to commence one of lifes great experiences.

The rest of your group will be watching all the action from below in the comfort of our hangar while they prepare for their flight.


Additional information


This package is fully customised for your requirements. Please call Broni on 1300 727 700 to confirm your preferred base, mission and aircraft.


Some flights may include footage of your flight or can be purchased separately.


Armidale, Brisbane, Melbourne