INTRO MISSION: 1 Hour Adventure Flight


You are the Mission Commander.

Your mission aircraft is the Aerovodochody L-39 Jet, a Czechoslovakian advanced jet trainer designed during the cold war.

This jet remains in service today for many countries armed forces conducting varied roles including air to air combat training and training for Russian Cosmonauts in their space programme.

It’s time to scramble – select the mission profile for your crew, don your flight suit, into the full mission briefing, kick the tyres, light the fires and launch!


The Jet Fighter Introduction Mission is a 1 hour Fighter Jet experience.


  • Strap into the L39 jet
  • Experience the 4000 pounds of thrust shoot you into the sky
  • Get upside down with some basic aerobatic manoeuvres
    • 1-hour total experience with briefing
    • 15 minutes of combat time

Additional information


$1400. Please call Broni on 1300 727 700 to confirm your preferred base, mission and aircraft.




Some flights may include footage of your flight or can be purchased separately.