Stearman | Armidale: 30mins


Step back in time to the Golden Age of aviation in one of our legendary Warbird Aircraft.


The Boeing Stearman Aerobatic Adventure is a 30 minute adventure flight.


Millions of years of erosion created the gorges and waterfalls of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and they provide a million dollar view for intrepid aviators.

The nostalgia and romance of the open cockpit “Stearman” Biplane adds a new dimension to the experience transporting you back to the golden era of aviation in the 1930′s.

The Stearman provided basic training for thousands of military pilots before and during WW2 and is universally loved for its robust nature and docile handling. You may also choose to enjoy a brief “upside down” experience at some stage during the flight, if desired.

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Some flights may include footage of your flight or can be purchased separately.