SUPER YAK 52 TW ATTACK: 30 Minute Adventure Flight


Not to be confused with the older Yak 52 with tricycle undercarriage the Yak 52 TW have been designed to modern standards and powered with a more powerful 9-cylinder radial engine with modern installations including Instruments, Avionics and Systems



Tick off the bucket list!

Feel the Adrenalin at 487 km/hr and up to +7 / -5 G in this rare and historic Ex – Military style aircraft. This SUPER YAK 52 TW will push you through amazing combat and aerobatic manoeuvres with all flights tailored to the individual from MILD TO WILD!

The Super Yak 52 TW has a maximum speed of 487 km/hr and designed to operate up to 7G positive and 5G negative

These aircraft have competed in unlimited aerobatic competitions on the world stage and are highly capable of the full range of combat manoeuvres.

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$895. Please call Broni on 1300 727 700 to confirm your preferred base, mission and aircraft.


Port Macquarie


Some flights may include footage of your flight or can be purchased separately.