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'SUPER' YAK 52 TW - Yakovlev 52 TW Russian Soviet Military Trainer

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Flights in this Yak are available from Port Macquarie

Feel the Adrenalin at 487 km/hr and up to +7 / -5 G in this rare and historic Ex – Military style aircraft. This SUPER YAK 52 TW will push you through amazing combat and aerobatic manoeuvres with all flights tailored to the individual from MILD TO WILD!

Port Macquarie offers fantastic visuals with coastal and mountain views in safe uncongested skies. Your in safe hands with Chief Pilot Rod Hall (Rocket) with over 10,000 hours experience and one of the most respected and experienced Jet Adventure and Display pilots in Australia.

These flights are very popular for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas presents, and Gifts for special occasions, or just because you have always wanted to experience a World War 2 style adventure combat flight.

Great also for corporate events, staff rewards and team building programs. This is one big tick on the Bucket List.

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  • Crew : 2
  • Length : 8.23 m
  • Wingspan : 9.75m
  • Construction : All Metal
  • Engine : 420 HP Nine Cylinder Radial M1 4PF – XDK
  • Configuration : Tail Dragger
  • Propeller : Whirlwind Carbon Fibre 3- Blade
  • Max. Speed : 487 km/hr.
  • Max. G Load +7 / -5 G
  • Aerobatics : Unlimited
  • Climb : 3200 ft. / min.
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  • The Super Yak 52 TW has a maximum speed of 487 km/hr and designed to operate up to 7G positive and 5G negative
  • These aircraft have competed in unlimited aerobatic competitions on the world stage and are highly capable of the full range of combat manoeuvres.
  • Not to be confused with the older Yak 52 with tricycle undercarriage the Yak 52 TW have been designed to modern standards and powered with a more powerful 9-cylinder radial engine with modern installations including Instruments, Avionics and Systems
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  • The Super Yak 52 TW is a modern design, designed and built in the KAKOVLEV AEROSTAR factory in Romania which specialises in production of military aircraft. First flight was in 2002.
  • Sporting a powerful 420 HP 9-cylinder Radial engine, modern carbon fibre Whirlwind 3-blade propeller, retractable undercarriage, American Cleveland Brakes, and a modern suite of American instruments and avionics it presents the nostalgia of a bygone era with the safety of modern systems. These are a very rare aircraft as there are only 32 in the world.
  • Structurally rated to 7G positive and 5G negative this aircraft will satisfy the most adventures and are capable of unlimited aerobatics and the full spectrum of combat flight profiles.
  • This particular aircraft F 0412601 was built in 2004 and factory painted in the French Marine Display Colours.
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'SUPER' YAK Missions

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YAK 52 - Yakovlev 52 Russian Soviet Military Trainer

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Flights in this Yak are available from Brisbane

A two place aircraft, the Yakovlev Yak-52 first flew in 1976, and is still being produced in Bacau, Romania, by Aerostar. Designed originally as a primary trainer for students who would later transition to Soviet jet aircraft, the aerobatics-capable ( 7g / -5 g) Yak-52 is now often seen in the hands of sports flying enthusiasts from the United States to New Zealand.

The engine drives a two-bladed counter-clockwise rotating, variable-pitch, wooden propeller. Described as an easy airplane to fly, with a fast roll rate, especially to the right, the Yak-52 takes some taxiing adjustment for flyers accustomed to hydraulics, because the plane uses air pressure to operate the brakes (as well as the flaps and landing gear), and also because the non-steerable nosewheel calls for differential braking. Air lines to each cylinder, used for starting the engine, may easily be mistaken for a fuel injection arrangement. At 2,200 lbs. empty weight, the plane is quite light and agile. While the landing gear is fully retractable, it remains partially-exposed in the retracted position, affording a measure of protection should the plane be forced to land wheels up. Capable of operating from unimproved grass runways, the aircraft is easily maintained, even in the field.

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  •  Length: 25 feet 5 inches
  • Height: 8 feet 10.25 inches Empty
  • Weight:2,238 pounds
  • Maximum Weight: 2,877 pounds
  • Power Plant:andnbsp; One 360-hp VMKB (Vedenyev) M-14P radial piston engine
  • Armament: None.
  • Maximum Speed: 223 Miles Per Hour
  • Range: 310 Miles
  • Crew: Two
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  • Role: Two-seat trainer aircraft
  • Manufacturer: Yakovlev Aerostar
  • First Flight: 1976
  • Introduction: 1976
  • Status: Operational
  • Primary Users: Soviet Air Force DOSAAF
  • Developed from: Yakolev Yak-50
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A descendant of the single-seat champion aerobatic Yak-50, but with a tricycle-geared undercarriage that makes it appear more like the earlier Yak-18, the all-metal aircraft is powered by a 360hp radial engine, the Ivchenko M-14P, with an inverted fuel system that permits inverted flight for as long as two minutes, while drawing fuel from a 5-gallon reserve tank.

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Yak Missions

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